End of an Era

Rick Jeanneret, the beloved voice of the Buffalo Sabres for 51 years, passed away at 81, leaving an irreplaceable void in hockey broadcasting.

A Family's Farewell

Following a two-year battle with multi-organ failure, Jeanneret's family shared the news of his passing, declaring his eternal place in their hearts.

The Long-Lasting Voice

RJ's illustrious career, spanning from 1971-2022, set a new record for the longest play-by-play announcing run in NHL history.

Unforgettable Calls

His legendary catchphrases, like "Top shelf, where mama hides the cookies," and the exhilarating "May Day! May Day!" call, are etched into Sabres history.

A Hall of Fame Journey

In 2012, Jeanneret received the Foster Hewitt Award from the Hockey Hall of Fame, solidifying his status as a broadcasting icon.

Honoring a Legend

During his final season, the Sabres paid tribute by raising a banner in his name in the arena, immortalizing his impact on the team.

Farewell, RJ

 Rick Jeanneret's wit, humor, and passion enriched hockey culture and the hearts of fans worldwide. His legacy as the voice of the Sabres will resonate for generations.