Conviction After Years of Trials: Antonio "A.J." Armstrong Jr. is finally convicted of murdering his parents after a seven-year legal battle, with a Harris County jury issuing a guilty verdict following three trials.

High-Profile Case: The case garnered significant attention due to its high profile. Two previous juries in 2019 and 2022 were unable to reach a consensus on a verdict, leading to a prolonged legal process.

Tragic Incident: At 16 years old, Armstrong Jr. shot his parents, Dawn and Antonio Armstrong Sr., while they were asleep in their Bellaire-area townhome in 2016. He used his father's .22-caliber pistol to shoot them in the head.

Life Sentence with Parole: Armstrong Jr., now 23 years old, faces a life sentence in prison for the murder of his parents. He will be eligible for parole after 40 years.

New DNA Evidence: The third trial was delayed due to the discovery of previously undiscovered DNA evidence. Blood specks were found under Armstrong Jr.'s name tag, confirming a match to his father's DNA. This evidence countered the defense's theory that his older half-brother could have committed the murders.

Defense and Prosecution Arguments: The defense claimed that Armstrong Jr.'s older half-brother, who suffered from mental health issues, could have been the perpetrator. Prosecutors, however, argued that the murder came from within the house, using motion sensor timestamps to support their case.

Evidence and Verdict: The gun used in the murders was found on the kitchen table, accompanied by a note. Bullet holes in Armstrong Jr.'s bedroom and closet, as well as other findings, suggested he had practiced using the murder weapon. After over 40 hours of testimony from 31 witnesses, the jury reached a guilty verdict on the second day of deliberation in the third trial.